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I am a commercial and fine art photographer based in northern Vermont. I specialize in high quality, client-specific photography for breweries, restaurants, resorts and general businesses, as well as travel photography.

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There's a Storm on the Horizon

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I’m quite pleased with how this long panorama came out. Driving the backroads of Northeast Vermont and coming up over a rise on the Greensboro/Glover border, I was graced with this dramatic scene. Jay Peak in the far background, the wind turbines on the ridge and a chance break in the clouds while early evening mist settled into the valley. Right place, right time… so I took my time. I shot a few different moments of this, waiting to see what the light might do. 

What do you think?


Photo of the Day - Daybreak, Homefront

Daybreak, Homefront

Ah, sunrise. Even over the most humble abode, daybreak signals a new day, a new opportunity, a new challenge.

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Daybreak, Homefront


Photo of the Day 11/28/10 - Eyes on the Blue Horizon

It’s been a while… hello, Photo of the Day.

This particular shot is the result of a puppy waking me up about 5 a.m. during our usually Thanksgiving stay in Glover. Normally, I’d roll over and go back to sleep, like any right-minded human, but for some reason, I got up. I assume this is the reason. Standing in the 8-degree morning air—in my flannel pajamas, which provided only minimal protection, I might add—freezing up nicely, I tripod-mounted the camera to avoid my shivering shakes and tried to capture the amazing pre-sunrise horizon line in this panoramic. The sunrise itself wasn’t quite so spectacular, but this was well worth the cold wake-up call.

This is a 2:1 ratio panorama, available on my Smugmug account in various sizes.

View it larger, then buy it: Photo of the Day 11/28/10 - Eyes on the Blue Horizon


Photo of the Day 08/29/10 - Secret Garden

Sometimes a scene or image will jump out at you, and sometimes it will sneak up on you. This one snuck up on me while I was descending the falls, while I paused to check my footing. Never know.

Larger version here: Secret Garden


Photo of the Day 08/26/10 - Take It All In

More from my Crawford Notch series. Not a bad view, eh?

Larger version here: Take It All In