This is the home of my photographic endeavors. I love to travel and capture a wide range of images, including fine art, landscapes and portraiture, to illustrate and highlight each place’s unique qualities. I’m also available for commercial commission assignments, including professional business photography, food photography and more. If you’re interested in hiring me for commercial work, portraiture or stock images, please contact me at for pricing and scheduling.

I’ve been interested in photography for nearly my entire life. I got my first real camera in high school, a Canon T-50, and spent a year playing with black and white shooting and development.

Over 20 years ago, I was hired as a magazine editor, which spurred me to pick up the old T-50 and begin my slide film adventures. I’ve moved from slide to all digital, but in that time, I’ve managed to score dozens of magazine covers in national trade magazines.

I aim to capture the unique, the odd and the fascinating, all while exploring light, time and motion.

Away I go!

Keeping a list and checking it twice of places on the globe that I aim to shoot … with a camera, of course. 

I’ll keep updating this as I go, checking them off whenever possible and adding new places that pop into my consciousness. Listening to a lot of travel programs lately, so I’m excited to hear about new places off the beaten path. 

Got a comment, suggestion or tip? Please drop me a note. I’d love to hear from you!


Places I Aim to Shoot

Top of the list

  • Czech Republic Visited in 2017 and again in 2018; everything I'd hoped for—and more. Look forward to going back again soon!

  • Hong Kong - One of the great cities of the world. If nothing else, to eat and eat more!


  • Sorrento - A return trip is necessary, to enjoy the area more thoroughly

  • Milan - More Italy, please

  • Genoa - ditto

  • Palermo - ditto

  • Tuscany - and ditto

Oh Canada…

  • Vancouver - I’ve had Vancouver on my mind for years and years, thanks to NoMeansNo and David duChemin

  • Prince Edward Island

  • Nova Scotia

  • Newfoundland

South America is opened up to me more since watching Tony Bourdain, darn him:

  • Patagonia Argentina 

  • Machu Pichu, Peru 

  • Santiago, Chile

  • Tierra del Fuego - which leads to …

Pretty much all of Scandinavia interests me, including …

  • Helsinki Finland

  • Sweden

  • Norway

  • Copenhagen - Visited in 2017 along with Prague. Photos coming soon!

  • Iceland - Fascinated me for years, such a wondrous and odd landscape


More of Europe? Yes, please.

  • Croatia - new in my mental space as places to visit, I’m ready to go here

  • Slovenia - and here

  • Slovakia - and here, too

  • Budapest, Hungary - The more I read and hear, the more interesting this sounds.Manchester

  • Edinburgh

  • Ireland

  • Salzburg

  • Switzerland

  • Poland

  • Netherlands

  • Portugal 

  • Riga, Latvia - Thank the Amazing Race for this one. Looks like a gorgeous, cool place.

Seriously, one trip to Germany and I need to get back to visit …

  • Munich

  • Bonn 

Cuba - The doors have opened finally—it’s time for me to visit. 

Way over there …

  • Japan - What isn’t there to photograph here?

  • New Zealand - Lord of the Rings is enough for me, but there’s so much more.

  • Australia - yeah, it’s big. I’ll take my chances.

  • Nepal - A tea trek sounds like a good time to me

  • Tibet - Free it.

  • Shanghai - China is so vast, so diverse and so interesting. 

  • The States? Sure, a few …

  • Alaska - Glacier National Park. ‘Nuff said.

  • Montana - Big Sky Country and a 10mm lens are a match made in heaven

  • NOLA - Completely forgot about this one, but I’ve wanted to visit New Orleans for 20 years



  • Hill Farmstead Brewery
    One of the world's best breweries, located in the heart of Vermont, for whom I've done quite a lot of work and where I'm employed daily.

  • Kingdom Taproom
    A wonderful restaurant and pub owned and operated by old (in all sense of the word, of course) childhood friends of mine, located in St. Johnsbury, Vermont, for whom I've also shot food and restaurant photography.

  • Villa Cenami
    An amazing Tuscan villa rental, operated by my dear friend Courtney Douglas. It is an amazing location, and I can't recommend it enough.

  • Meadow Ridge Farm - Vermont Christmas Trees
    Owned and operated by my dear friends Patrick, Tamara and Aiden White, this is where you should always get your Christmas tree.

  • Three Penny Taproom
    A craft beer hub in downtown Montpelier, Vermont, for whom I've shot food and restaurant photography.

  • Leaning Maples Woodcraft
    Amazing craftsmanship by the talented Darren Hill in Greensboro, Vermont.

  • National Association of Photoshop Professionals
    The best place on the Web to become a better artist