New Search Feature!

See that last tab up there called "Search," way up on the right? Yup, that's right, you can now do a keyword search for the entire site. Want to bring up all the Photo of the Day entries? Just type in "photo of the day" and POW! (literally, POW! ... I checked with the designers and that's apparently what happens. Sounds dangerous, but it works, so who am I to judge, right?).

I'm doing my best to keyword each entry with all the relevant terms to make it easier for you to find whatever might interest you. You can also just click on one of the tags under the blog entry (say, "Italy") and all entries with that tag will be listed for you. It's pretty click. Also, POW!

Look for more updates and changes in the coming months. Some exciting projects and news on the horizon. 

Thanks for visiting!