Another Homerun from Numnuts

We're talking Joe McNally, of course—"numnuts" is his self-imposed nickname. I tend to just think of him as a photographic hero, amazing shooter and all-around nice guy, having had the pleasure of attending one of his Dobb's Ferry Workshops in 2009. 

A review of his latest book, The Hot Shoe Diaries: Big Light from Small Flashes, is coming (click the link and buy it, you'll thank me). I'm still digesting everything. Despite its surface impression of simplicity and plain-spoken chatter, it's dense—in the best possible sense of the word.

Right now, though, he's posting yet another blog entry that just lifts you out of your hiking boots and sets you on your ass. His secret is that he just cuts right through it and gets to the point in the most affable and charming way only an Irish warhorse like McNally can. 

Simple story: Grumpy photog sees hands in passing. Grumpy photog gets the itch. Grumpy photog meets guy and takes picture. Grumpy photog grumpy no more. As with most things, Joe tells it better. 

Swing over to here, and check it out.