Photo Quote of the Day 07/18/10

Photographers are lousy editors.

- Maggie Sherwood


*I love this quote for several reasons, but mostly because I'm an editor by day and it makes me chuckle. I'm a word editor, not a photo editor, but her point is sound: almost all photographers are too precious with their work and loath to hit the delete key when it's obviously necessary. I'm a great word editor, and I'm a fairly good photo editor of other people's images, but like most photographers, I still struggle to cut and chew and carve my own work. If you can do that consistently as a photographer, you're miles ahead of the rest of us. I'm better than I used to be, and technology helps. Lightroom's great for the old "Out of sight, out of mind" Jedi mind trick where I can just reject willy-nilly, knowing full well the images are all still there should I need to go back but out of the way.