Photo of the Day 08/09/10 - Angel in the House

Jonatha Brooke is amazing. Let's just start there. I've been an avid listener and fan for probably 15 years, all the way back to her days as part of The Story with Jennifer Kimball (who I also like quite a lot in her solo work). We caught up with Jonatha last week in Bethlehem, N.H. I hadn't seen her perform in a few years, and it was worth the wait. Her voice is still powerful and perfect, her sense of humor and humility shines through in all her work, and her interaction with the audience is always great fun. If you get a chance to see her on this set of dates, I can't recommend it enough.

Swing over to her site,, and give it a listen.

For a larger version, just click the image above. Can't sell this one, but if Jonatha's reading this blog, by some random chance, I'll be more than honored to send this and the rest over for you to use as you will!