Bologna, Lucca, Viareggio and a Renewed Adoration for Italy

Olive Tree Hill

In November of last year, we traveled to Italy, this time starting in Bologna and then heading south to Viareggio and Lucca. 

Our trip was doubly blessed: first, we were honored to have been invited to attend the 100th anniversary celebration of Antonio Carraro during the massive EIMA Fair ag expo; secondly, we were honored to have been invited to stay with (and finally meet in person) a dear and long-time friend, her new family and help harvest olives for oil. How could we not?

To say the least, the trip was incredible.

Our stay in Bologna was wonderful. We had some time to really criss-cross the center city, exploring the side streets and byways, and enjoying some mighty tasty food.

Our time with Antonio Carraro was, as always fantastic, especially its 100th anniversary gala, replete with circus, handmade onsite mozzarella di bufala and the best of Italy.

We then traveled by train to Viareggio where we began our second leg, hosted by Courtney and Lorenzo (and their wonderful boys, Ludivico and Edoardo) at the amazing Villa Cenami. 

Our stay included family dinners, a trip to the charming city of Lucca (in a drenching downpour) and even the baptism of little Edoardo (for which I was honored to have asked to shoot the pictures)


So many memories, so many pictures.

If you’re inclined, there are a few galleries of images available for perusal:

Olive harvest pictures will coming along soon, as well as a possible olive harvest and/or Villa Cenami book.


Bob M.