Fundraising Print Sale to Honor Linda Stone

On September 30, just a few weeks ago, Linda Stone passed away. Linda was to me, and many of her other “adopted” kids, an exceedingly special person. Known to more than a few people as Mama Stone, she was funny, whip smart and, most importantly, loving. 

Unable to attend her funeral services in Utah, I asked about sending flowers. In lieu of flowers, the family had asked that donations be made to the Huntsman Cancer Center in Salt Lake City, who cared for Linda during her ba

ttle with cancer and the illness that took her life.

The morning after she passed away, on my way to work, I stopped and shot this photo (see it much larger here:

After some thought and speaking with Deb, Linda’s daughter and my lifelong friend, I decided that instead of sending just a small check, I would like to send a bigger check in Linda’s memory, something more substantial to honor her.

And I’d like your help.

So, I am offering 25 limited edition 5” x 15” prints of this picture, signed and numbered, for $100 each. Photos will be printed by this company,, which produces a beautiful frameless presentation on thick acrylic, ready to hang with all the hardware. All proceeds will go to the Huntsman Cancer Center in Linda’s name.

If you would like to purchase a print, please contact me via email at for details. I will only be taking orders via email, so that I can make sure that requests are processed as they’re received and keep things as fair and organized as possible. 

If you would like to donate in Linda’s name directly to the Center, visit

Thank you for your support!