Photos for Ty Fundraiser Update

Overwhelming. Bittersweet. Deeply Inspiring. 

These are a few emotions that come to mind in thinking about the last few days. The outpouring of support for Melissa Jenkins and her little boy Ty have been amazing everywhere.

When Matt and I began this fundraiser, we really had no idea. It was something we could do, with what gifts we are given. Speaking for him, I can say we’re both utterly and completely blown away. 

Thank you.

As of this afternoon, you have amazingly bought more than 170 prints. That is incredible—inspiring, really.

Because of this, we’ve talked to Don Whipple of Kingdom Color and Imaging, and he is willing to cover the cost of printing for up to 250 8x10s, which is unbelievably generous. If we sell 250 prints, we can give $5,000 to the Melissa Jenkins Memorial Fund for Ty. Once we’ve reached 250 prints, we will then close this fundraiser. 

We can never bring Melissa back, but we can do everything possible for Ty. It’s a good start, and there will be much more around the community. Already I’ve seen a number of projects and fundraisers begin, and I can’t express how wonderful it is to see. Matt and I have also discussed putting together a local art show and silent auction, and we will keep you updated on that project.

The Northeast Kingdom shows itself to be amazing—again.

See the post below this one for all the links and information. Matt and I both would like to thank all of you who have purchased photos and helped us help Ty.