Like Beautiful Snowflakes for Melissa and Ty

Unlike my dear friend and compatriot Matt Payeur over at Empire Imaging, who claims to not be an “outwardly emotional guy,” I am a complete sap.

So, to arrive home to see this was, once again, humbling and moving.

Like beautiful snowflakes, these envelopes arrive carrying not just money but love. They may not look it, all flat and proper, but they’re fit to burst with caring and love for Melissa Jenkins and Ty.

From right here in the NEK, to New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New York, even Florida, and as far away as New Zealand… let me say that one more time so you don’t miss it: New Zealand. No, I didn’t stutter, but I did blubber a little.

Rock on!

The last week has seen an unsurprising but impressive outpouring of love and support for Melissa and Ty. From our little photo project (that got a heck of a lot bigger than we imagined), to moving tributes at St. Johnsbury Academy, Shawn Timson’s bursting donation buckets at Horizon’s Deli and one whale of a fundraiser by Ramunto’s Pizza last Saturday (again, BRAVO to them!), the Northeast Kingdom makes my heart swell with pride.

However, I urge you to please continue to give to the Melissa Jenkins Memorial Fund. Let’s keep the momentum going!

Checks should be made out to “Melissa Jenkins Memorial Trust” and sent to Passumpsic Savings Bank, 497 Railroad St., St. Johnsbury, VT 05819. Cash donations and checks can also be dropped by any Passumpsic Bank branch in Vermont.