Belgium — Part Three

In what seems like a lifetime ago, I had the opportunity to document a trip to Belgium (and a tiny bit of northern France) with the owner/founder of Hill Farmstead Brewery, Shaun E. Hill, as well as the owner/founder of Three Penny Taproom, Scott Kerner, and the owner/founder of the soon-to-be-open Suarez Family Brewery, Dan Suarez. My camera slung across my shoulder like a bandolier, I shot thousands of frames over the course of seven days, taking in landscapes, beer and brewing, tradition, happy travel.

Looking back, it was one of the most enjoyable week's I can remember. Travel, beer, food, new friends, amazing hospitality... everything that nourishes a human soul. I'm breaking these up over several posts for easier enjoyment and viewing. If you are interested in prints of these, please contact me for more information.

Part three finds us moving west, heading towards France, visiting the illustrious and wonderful De Dolle, where owner/brewer Chris proved to be as magical in person as he is by reputation (and who's mother remains the greatest tour guide in the history of tour guides). Then, we headed into France to stay with new friends Daniel Thiriez and Marielle Paquet, truly fantastic people who were generous in immeasurable ways. 

Please enjoy and sante!