Belgium — Part Five

The Belgium series continues...

The final leg of the trip put us at the doorstep of one Dany Prignon, mysterious and shy mastermind behind the legendary Brasserie Fantôme. It would be the first time he had entertained a collaboration with another brewery—ever. The weight of that honor could not be ignored. 

However, within minutes of meeting Dany, his spirit, his energy and his generosity opened the door to a truly magical day. Despite the gray day, his joyous declaration, "simple!" put everyone at ease and carried the day with a infectious carefree enthusiasm. The 5 Sciences was born of adventure and serendipity—maybe even kismet.

Thank you again, Dany, for opening your doors and your heart to strangers-turned-friends. I'm forever grateful for the day and the continuing friendship.

Please enjoy and sante!

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