Congratulations Matt and Tara

Rain or no rain, the afternoon went amazing. 

How can you not love these guys?

The ceremony was great, the wedding party (no surprise) rocked, The Alerin Barn was a great host and the bride and groom clearly enjoyed every minute—and that's the point!

Special thanks to Matt and Tara, as well as their wonderful families and friends. Also, thanks to Jenni Maroney of Jenni Maroney Photography, Colorado, for her help throughout the event and her brilliant idea of creating a photobooth for the reception. Can't wait to see those pictures!

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Longley!

Working Through Adversity

Big day of shoots tomorrow, including two family sessions for military families saying goodbye to a loved one headed overseas. It's definitely an honor to be asked to capture such important memories and images. 

One roadblock, though, is UPS deciding to reroute and reschedule my photo backgrounds and stands... no explanation, except that I won't have them for tomorrow's big shoots. It's more disappointing than anything, and I'm certain we'll get the goods. But, UPS is definitely not on my Happy List.

Either way, tomorrow's a big day, and I'm excited to get the gear on the road!

Look for pictures from these sessions very soon.

Prepping for a Shoot

Tomorrow I get to shoot another set of family portraits. I'm excited. Not only is it always an adventure, always unknown, always different, but this one's great because it's an old, dear friend and her lovely family. I'm nervous; I'm always nervous. I'm worried I won't get THE shots, the equipment will fail me or that I'll be off my game—nothing different. I suppose if I wasn't nervous, that would worry me!

So, off I'll go, shutter ready and fingers crossed, and we'll see what magic happens. 

Tails from an Aspiring Photography Business

Things are going pretty darned well, so I can't complain. Today, though, was one of those days where you wish you didn't have a "day job" that isn't photography. Because of a day of relaxation that included 36 holes of golf, I feel like punching bag at a well-used gym that's been tied up with copper grounding cable. Sore is an understatement. So, with a brain sidetrack by aches, I walked out of the house without my binder of photography notes, forms and stuff. 

What's that mean? Well, it means that my scheduled lunchtime meeting with a potential wedding client was off, since I'm an hour's drive from home for my "day job" and I didn't have the luxury to run home. On the up side, the client is gracious and forgiving (because she already knows me, thankfully) and agreed to reschedule for tomorrow. Really looking forward to meeting with her tomorrow.

Also had a senior portrait shoot this evening, which I wasn't able to focus on as much as I'd like before hand. I really like to gameplan and walk through different ideas before the camera even comes out. However, it turned out great. Brendan's a great kid, handsome as the devil and super easy going. We shot at four locations, did some clothing changes and whoosh, it's done. Pulling images into Lightroom right now, and early previews look pretty darned good. 

On to tomorrow!