Photo of the Day 07/20/10 - The Lurking Storm

The Campanile di San Marco on the Piazza San Marco in Venezia, Italia. Getting a shot of anything in this square that isn't loaded with tourists during the day is nearly impossible, and if you get in nice and close on the larger version, you can see throngs hanging out of the tower windows, but still, you can imagine it empty, can't you?

Sorry for the delay in posting. Technical difficulties cut me off from posting yesterday, so you get a double-header, in effect, for today. Enjoy!

Larger version here: The Lurking Storm

Photo of the Day 07/06/10 - Afloat Upon the Ages

I'm not going to lie, the canals of Venice are pretty spectacular. Now, I realize it's a gigantic floating tourist trap these days, at least between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. or so. However, there's obviously something there of real value for that many millions of people to visit each year. It's not a fabricated environment in the sense of an amusement park (although, it is, of course, completely fabricated on what is really not even land at all), despite being co-opted for the sake of tourism, which ultimately pays all the bills for the fine residents of this sinking city. Is a cheesy/iconic gondola ride worth the 20 Euro? Probably. Especially on the off season when you actually get views of empty canals and a few moments of calm and quiet. 

Larger version here: Afloat Upon the Ages