Craft Fair Premiere Wrap up

My first craft fair is behind me, and in hindsight, it was a good way to get my feet wet. While traffic was light, the experience was a good one. Setup and breakdown went smoothly, and the other crafters were polite and helpful. I had a chance to grasp what I was missing, what will work better and what went well.

A few shots of the setup:

Congratulations to the Relay For Life teams that hosted the event, and thanks to those who came out and, of course, those folks who bought some prints.

Feeling confident that we’ll be doing this again as soon as timing and events allow. I’ll keep you posted once some dates are lined up.

Thanks and best,

Bob m.


The last month or two have been outrageously hectic, so the blog fell by the wayside.


However, things should pick up here in short order. I've got quite a lot of pictures to update in the portfolio, as I've done some great sessions this summer and fall, including an awesome wedding.