Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Paint

There’s something about street art that I quite like. I don’t have any use for tagging or vandalism graffiti, but there is, without a doubt, a group of graffiti artists around the world doing powerful, cool street art.

This is from a trip to New York City a few weeks ago, wandering around Astoria. More NYC photos coming, probably one each day or so.

Photo of the Day 11/03/10 - Never Trust a Tie

I can’t quite remember where this is, but I saw this iconic little graphic piece of graffiti twice in New York City, once very small, tagged on a bank and then much larger (I think this was about 2 feet high or larger) on a building the next day. I like the symbolism, and the various levels of what this could and can mean. It’s bright, sophisticated art, ruined only by the crappy tag above it, ironically enough. While my thoughts on graffiti tend towards the spectrum that thinks it’s wrong and almost always tacky (like the tag above, or some idiot who spray paints a tag on a 4,000-year-old monument in Athens, say), there is some amazing graffiti art out there, and in the right setting, it’s pretty powerful. 

Anyone else seen this?

Larger version for viewing and purchase here: Photo of the Day 11/03/10 - Never Trust a Tie