Travels in Italy 2019 - Part 1

It’s been nearly a decade since my last voyage in Italy. Much as changed, while so much remains familiar… and reassuring. Exponential tourist growth in some former “hidden gems” means changing strategies for visiting places like Lucca (now crowded even during the quieter times of the year) and looking for new, interesting, less overwhelmed locations like Modena and the little towns and villages along SR222.

This particular trip was initiated by a business trip to pour some beer at the annual Villagio della Birra for Hill Farmstead Brewery located near the village of Buonconvento, just south of Siena. The chance to visit a new area presented an opportunity worth embracing, as well as offering an excellent excuse to hang a bit longer and (re)visit some other spots in Italy.

The weather stuck to the script of sunny days and lovely evenings, which made walking around ancient cities and villages a treat.

I’ve thought quite a bit about the best way to present the images I was able to capture. Modern photo consumption seems unconsidered, instantaneous and thoughtless. Millions of images dumped into social media day after day (a fascinating discussion unto itself), seeking attention, praise, and validation but not often considerate or even intentional. The way of the world… it’s an instant gratification world online!

So, I hope that sharing the images in a narrative gallery on my own site will offer a better, more enjoyable viewing for those interested is traveling along with me. Especially with panoramic and wider format photographs (a format to which I gravitate), these galleries should allow for a truer, more contemplative experience. Time permitting, I’ll revisit previous travels, most from which I’ve still not finished the images!

Please enjoy this gallery of views from around Buonconvento and Montalcino, during the few few days. I’ll follow up with other galleries visiting Lucca, Viareggio, and Modena.