2010 Year in Review

What a year.

From devastating lows to amazing highs, this has been one of the most chaotic, manic 365 days I can remember—probably the most dramatic.

Normally, you’d want to just let go of the negative, but the downs were pretty life-changing. The biggest and most dominating …

The evening of February 26, 2010, we had a house fire. It destroyed a third of our home and set off a chain of events that will ripple for years to come. The following 6 months were—and still are—a complete blur. Hundreds of pictures tell the tale for us to remember, but even with them, it’s still a haze. No one was hurt, although we did lose our aquatic family members, who’s watery abode actually saved the house from even more damage.

A happy ending? 

We were only displaced for a few months, we were blessed to have good friends and family, plus a little luck, and now it’s back better than ever.

Let’s get past the negative, though, shall we?

As mentioned, the highs were amazing. Doors opened in many directions. Trips to Charlotte, N.C., Washington, D.C., midcoast Maine, New Jersey, Buffalo, Niagara Falls, Connecticut, New York City… and most notably, Italy.

The full story of that trip will come soon, as will a book or two of images.

All the trips were wonderful. Our trips along the East Coast were filled with so many great friends and family, old and new. It would be impossible to recognize all the great new people I met, who changed and touched my life, as it would be just as difficult to name-check all the old friends who supported us throughout the year. However, I would be remiss if I didn’t at least mention how important our families were this year. Without them, we wouldn’t certainly have not survived, let alone thrived. To them, we thank you; I thank you.

Professionally, it was a roller coaster year, too, but unlike the trauma of a house fire, the downs were almost exclusively a matter of excitement. Another amazing wedding experience, this time with my friends Matt and Tara …

Loads of family portraits …

I shot some music …

I built a great relationship with Hill Farmstead Brewery

I closed the year with a snowy, high fashion concept shoot with my darling little girl …

Oh yeah, and there was that whole Photo of the Day business, over 300 pictures to enjoy …

If you’ve made it this far down the page, congratulation and thanks. Thanks for sticking it out. I’m sure I’m forgetting a lot of 2010. Like I said, it was a blur. So, what will 2011 bring? Who knows. Best laid plans, and all that jazz, right?

There’s a possible return trip to Italy out there; there’s more travel hopefully; there’s more weddings and family portraits and senior portraits, probably; there’s a whole open world of light waiting to be captured. I guess I’ll get those batteries charged, the memory cards formatted and the eyes open.

Assume the worst, hope for the best, plan for anything.

Let’s go get 2011, shall we?