sin city effect

Photo of the Day 07/24/10 - A Man and His Gator

You never know what you'll find on a wander. I was on business in Sarasota, Florida, a while back, and arriving in the intense 95 degree, 100% humidity, I set out to find a grocery store for water and supplies ... with my camera, of course. This Jack Dowd piece, one of a series of pieces in his Uncle series, obviously stands out and a fairly unique street art experience. I didn't sit down, though; never know what a gator will do.

Larger version here: A Man and His Gator

Photo of the Day 07/16/10 - The Magic Word

There are few words in the English language that bring such giddiness—especially when written in such loving script and neon colors. Certainly, this sort of scene is as welcoming a signal as any one can imagine. Drawn butter, the cracking of shells and utterly fresh smell of sea water ... ah, culinary delight.

Larger version here: The Magic Word