Vermont Vaudeville Spring 2016—Part One: Gathering

Friends Brent and Maya of Vermont Vaudeville invited me to shoot their most recent performance at the Hardwick Town House this past Friday night, and I jumped at the chance. Having never had a chance to see this troupe of wild, talented and cheeky artists share their gifts, I couldn't pass it up. 

Needless to say, you should seek out a performance whenever you can! Music, comedy, true clown arts, dance, and just great fun are sure to follow. Each of these artists brings something unique and special to the stage, but they share a common joy in performing; it's an exuberance not to be missed.

I captured lots of images, so I'll break them up a bit for easier viewing over a few parts. Part One: Gathering

Enjoy and thank you to the entire Vermont Vaudeville family for allowing me to shoot so freely!