Dobbs Ferry

Photo of the Day 05/24/10 - Objects in Mirror

Joe McNally rolls big when he does a thing ... anything, really. So, during the Dobb's Ferry workshops, when he needs a prop bike for the lovely models to sit upon, it's no surprise when a man rides a shiny, gigantic Harley Davidson right into the studio. No surprise at all.

Larger Version Here: Objects in Mirror

Photo of the Day 12/11/09 - There Goes My Hero

Too alarming now to talk about 
Take your pictures down and shake it out 
Truth or consequence, say it aloud 
Use that evidence, race it around 

There goes my hero 
Watch him as he goes 
There goes my hero 
He's ordinary 

Don't the best of them bleed it out 
While the rest of them peter out 
- Foo Fighters