Seattle Public Library

Back in 2012, I trekked out to to Seattle to visit my dear friend Mike and take many, many photos. Below are shots of one of the coolest, most interesting buildings I've visited: The Seattle Public Library. Aside from its amazing collections and programs, it's an architectural marvel of glass and steel, I can't want to visit it again and explore it even more some day soon.

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Photo of the Day 05/30/10 - Takin' Care of Business

Duke Energy Center in Charlotte, N.C., punctures the sky with its aggressive architecture. The skyline of Charlotte is an odd patchwork; there's no harmony, theme or consistency of look, design or intent. I'm no expert in urban design or architecture, but it seems a chaotic and haphazard patchwork of corporate assertions represented by steel and glass. Charlotte is relatively new, though, to the skyscraper game, so who knows how it will evolve and play out over the next few decades.

Larger version here: Takin' Care of Business