Photo of the Day 07/18/10 - Event Horizon

Today is my mom's birthday. One of her favorite areas in the known universe is the coast of Maine. It just so happens that my Maine Series coincided with this momentous occasion, so to her I offer this panoramic view of the West Penobscot Bay from Owl's Head State Park in Rockland, Maine.

She's probably been here, given my grandfather's tendency to drive the family up and down the coast for days on end, a tradition my mom had no problem continuing throughout my childhood—either in the backseat of a Chevy Vega (pumpkin orange or later on, dark brown) or the front seat of a blue AMC Matador (classic '70s cars, people). From him, we both came to love the coast of Maine; from her I came to appreciate how important that time spent riding around could really be.

So, here's wishing my mom the best birthday in the world. She's earned it; she deserves it. Love to you always, Mom!

Larger version here: Event Horizon

Photo of the Day 07/15/10 - Eyes on the Sky

Another in the continuing Maine Series, of course ...

 The old axiom, "the best camera is the one you have with you," proves itself true all too often, especially when you think, "nah, I won't need my camera right now," just as something cool appears on your mental screen. This image, for instance, was just begging to be captured after a fantastic lunch in downtown Rockland, Maine. I wasn't looking for it, per se, but it was there. Had I not carried my gear around, looking a bit like a loony foreign tourist in small town Maine, I might have just stood there thinking how cool a picture it might make. Never know what'll strike you, so it always pays to have a camera.

The other interesting thing, for this image, is that fellow photographer and friend, Tom Petzwinkler, was right beside me. He's taller than me by a head and using completely different gear, so his image, which I look forward to seeing, will undoubtedly be different and differently cool. 

Larger version here: Eyes on the Sky