Into the Clouds, Shooting Atop Mt Washington

A few months ago, Lori and I took a detour en route to the coast: Mt. Washington. In hopes that the weather would hold out, we played it by chance all the way to the foot of the mountain, and seeing clear blue skies as we approached the entrance, we gave it a whirl.

To say the least, it's a nerve-wracking drive: narrow roads, on coming traffic, sections of dirt road, sheer cliffs, no guardrails... the weather held right until we left, when the clouds began socking in, so our timing was solid. 

Any of these is available for purchase as an art print! Please drop me a note if you're interested. Enjoy!


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There's a Storm on the Horizon

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I’m quite pleased with how this long panorama came out. Driving the backroads of Northeast Vermont and coming up over a rise on the Greensboro/Glover border, I was graced with this dramatic scene. Jay Peak in the far background, the wind turbines on the ridge and a chance break in the clouds while early evening mist settled into the valley. Right place, right time… so I took my time. I shot a few different moments of this, waiting to see what the light might do. 

What do you think?

New Panoramic Gallery

Spring Evening on Lake Memphremagog

One of the areas of photography that has always drawn my attention is panoramic images. I love to look at them, and I love even more to create them. There’s something particularly amazing about creating an image that more fully expresses the scale and scope of a vista or view than a traditional photograph. This history of panoramic photography is pretty cool stuff, but these days, in the digital darkroom, the opportunities are wide open. 

In that spirit, I’ve finally put together a gallery with some of my favorites from various places, although most notable are my Lake Memphremagog images, because we live right here. The link below will whisk you away to my gallery:

Panoramic Art

All images are available as prints in lots of sizes. As with most panoramic photos, the bigger the better, of course!

I’d love to hear your thoughts, what you’d like to see and whatever strikes your fancy about panoramic photos.

Thanks and best,

Bob m.