The Perigee Moon

I don’t have quite the lens to do the moon justice (say, a 600mm Canon L series prime that some benefactor might acquire as a donation to me, if such a person were to click in the Amazon box over there ;-) ), but we gave it a shot for fun anyway.

Here are a few that I took with my 70-200mm as the so-called Super Moon rose. It was impressively bright, that is for sure!

Photo of the Day 10/19/10 - Two Seasons in One Day

One of the many benefits of living in the Northeast Kingdom is that view right there, folks. Every morning, I walk out my door to Jay Peak and Lake Memphremagog (fog, weather, and visibility permitting, of course). We had a little snow in some of the higher elevations last weekend, which makes for a lovely contrast between the waning autumn colors and the impending winter blankets. It’s almost a bridge season here, one of my favorite times as well as one of the most bittersweet, signaling the coming of snow (break out the snow shoes and nordic skiis!) and the end of another all-too-quick autumn. 

Larger version for purchase and viewing here: Photo of the Day 10/19/10 - Two Seasons in One Day