Photo of the Day 08/24/10 - Valley View

Lake Willoughby in Westmore, Vermont.

Driving through on my way back from Crawford Notch, I thought I'd see if I could catch the last rays of the day over the lake. What do you think?

Larger version here: Valley View

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Photo of the Day 08/20/10 - Pitch Perfect Park

Our evening out on the Newport Belle, cruising Lake Memrpremagog in Newport, Vermont, was amazing. Got some good stuff, but because of poor prep on my part, my batteries died midway through the cruise! So, missed some shots, but got some shots. Story of being a photographer, for sure. This little spit of land is a park surrounded on three sides by the lake. It's a great little spot.
Larger version here: Pitch Perfect Park

Photo of the Day 06/13/10 - Sky Blue Sky

With the sky blue sky, this rotten time
Wouldn't seem so bad to me now

Larger version for viewing here: Sky Blue Sky

If you'd like to order a true panoramic of this image, please contact me here at the blog or at my contact page. SmugMug doesn't offer panoramic prints, and panoramics like this looks particularly good as a fotoflōt print.