Photo of the Day 08/30/10 - Bitter Beauty

Photography is but one of my passions; another one happens to brewing, beer and the strange, wonderful alchemy of the fermented gift. One of the basic elements of beer is hops, and I happen to grow my own. These little gems are perennials, so each year another load of cones comes out. 

As this is my 200th Photo of the Day this year, it seemed only appropriate to celebrate. Sláinte!

Larger version here: Bitter Beauty

Photos of the Day - 12/31/09 - A Year in Pictures

It's been a photographic year, indeed. Families, seniors, weddings, trips to Italy and Germany, magazine covers and the everyday click of the shutter. Without a doubt, I've seen most of 2009 through glass—in the best possible way.

I hope your 2009 was excellent, and here's to an even better 2010. Keep your lens clean and your eyes open.